Start-up story

Before I started my own business, I had worked in the Instructional Design world for nearly a decade. Working with great companies ranging from small to big and in a range of industries.

Fuelled by a passion for education and a love for innovative learning design, I continued searching for that 'forever job.' The job we all dream about, where work doesn't really feel like work.

I found that when I set up Carla's Captivating Content Ltd . What makes it my dream job is that there are no limitations! I get to set the challenges and constantly push myself to be better every day.


years of experience designing innovative learning


awards won within the last 3 years


client-focused – I work with you to produce the best solution

Written words have often been an escape during the most challenging times in my life, allowing me to dive into some awesome book where I can slip into the characters shoes and take-off on some crazy adventure. As far back as I can remember reading, creating and continuous learning have been a huge part of who I am as a person.

After having our boy Leo, I started to think about setting up my own company. But, with a new baby in the mix, a mortgage to pay and a fast approaching wedding, the financial risk felt heavy.

While I was dreaming of setting up my own business, my partner (Chris) was amid setting up his. Watching him succeed in chasing his own dreams has made me immensely proud, and helped give me the nudge to do so myself.

So, when a contract of mine ended sooner than planned, the opportunity was presented. Taking the leap and setting up a business on my own is proving to be even more fulfilling than I ever anticipated.

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"What is life if you don't fight to do the things you love?"

Besides, what is life if you don't fight to do the things you love? Hopefully, with a lot of hard work, bundles of passion, and a little bit of luck, I can continue to live out my working dream, and I’d encourage anyone else to try and do the same.

There’s nothing more rewarding than diving into the unknown and coming out on top. And for the times you fall flat on your face – consider it a lesson well learned, shake it off and keep going.

I work closely with you to determine what is needed, design, create and deliver a learning solution that will exceed your expectations.

October 2019

Business began

Carlas Captivating Content was started up in my spare room at home. From initial idea through to action, the business started to grow.

May 2020

Limited Company

In 2020 we changed to a Limited company, moved to our first professional office setting and hired our first and second team member.

Later that year the company took on our first student placement, moved to a larger office (twice), and hired more team members.



In 2021 we started working with some big name brands and really started to grow our client base.


New office

We moved again! This time to our own office based in Newent. We renovated the new office space and started prepping for our first ever exhibition at Learning Technologies.



During 2023 we attended our first ever exhibition. We also launched our products chain, rebranded and launched our new website. 


Business shift

As we moved into 2024 I decided to shift the business model to act as a solo consultant. There were a range of drivers for this decision, largely due to the start of homeschooling my boy, and wanting to work more flexibly and focus on my passions. 

Our start-up story

This journey has been a rollercoaster of a ride and continues to teach me in more ways than one. That said, there are a few defining moments over the years when I think of what has made this business what it is today, and crafted me into who I am also.

The business has been a catalyst for my own personal growth and offered a continuous learning journey of my own.

As I move into the new year, my goals are to work more closely with my clients, chase my passions in the learning industry, develop my skills further and in new areas, and create a well balanced life for myself and my family where learning is at its center.