Customer Service Cycle and General Procedures Training

Created to run across two full days and in two phases, this classroom-based and instructor-led training was created for Bahamas Power & Light, to deliver internally to their sales and customer facing staff.



When BPL approached us, they only had a basic guide for staff in terms of customer service requirements and etiquette, along with a manual on how to navigate their customer accounts management software. Other than this, the face-to-face element of their customer service training was completely absent form their materials, but it was something they were keen to implement.

This is where we came in. We took their guide, conducted our own research, and together combined the findings of both to create a two day program that brought new staff up to speed in all areas of customer service skills. The training included a training plan, several guided PowerPoints, instructor notes and prompts, handouts and takeaways for the learners, various group activities and two exams.


This custom built program has allowed BPL to ensure all of their staff are not only compliant, confident and knowledgeable in all areas that are customer focused, but it allowed them to do so internally and with content that was created specifically for their business. This bespoke package has given opportunity to truly build confidence in real and relevant processes, whilst also educating new staff on brand awareness, values and what is expected of them.


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