Foundation Level 2 Safeguarding Children

When Covid-19 hit, the face-to-face training industry had to pivot quickly if it wanted to remain competitive. This was when Safeguarding Children Training reached out to us. They wanted to take their current classroom-based content and convert it into an interactive online course they could sell instead.



Working swiftly we used the existing content as a base for the structure and key points, then transformed the materials to cater for online learning instead. This meant taking group activities and turning them into individual activities, as well as building in multiple points where the learners could actually put their newfound knowledge and skills into practice on their own. We developed many custom graphics across this course to support key learning points and engage the learners throughout.


The course is not only up-to-date, relevant, interactive and engaging but also competitive in its market. The content is well designed throughout, using visual elements as aids to learning and not just relying on text heavy content to get the points across, making the learning simple, effective and engaging. Activities are design to really get you thinking about the content, rather than just seeing or hearing it, giving students many chances to build on their confidence throughout the course.


years of experience designing innovative learning


awards won within the last 3 years


client-focused – I work with you to produce the best solution