Introduction to Rail

For the rail industry we worked with the IRO and created an online course consisting of nine self-paced modules, each with an end of module test. The content all together serves as a well-rounded yet brief Introduction to the rail industry, for those who are new to the sector, those looking to get into the area and those who just want to brush up on their knowledge and learn a little more.



The key content had been extracted from an existing course the IRO were delivering. The content was originally very text heavy and revolved around pre-recorded video presentations with online reading attached. Instead, we worked together to better break down the content into key learning areas, create activities that help to teach and test the learner rather than just present the information, and delivered all of this onto the clients newly implemented Learning Management System.


The new version of the course goes much more into depth around key learning areas and uses a variety of visual elements to back up the information and appeal to as many learning styles as practicable. The content is less bunched up and more interactive and engaging throughout, resulting in a better user experience, and ultimately better results for the learners.


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