Personal Data – Rights and Responsibilities

Taking the ‘fluff’ out of data protection and creating an accessible online course which is self-paced, chunked appropriately and most importantly relevant to the employees and their roles.



People’s Energy approached us with the need of taking their current online GDPR course and making it more interactive, engaging, branded and relevant throughout. The existing content was pdf and PowerPoint based, and didn’t utilize the Learning Management System to the best of its capabilities. We worked very closely with the client and their training team to design to assess their current training, and then develop a course which covered their specific processes, employee rights and responsibilities and all the need to knows with regards to data protection.


The course we created is a true representation of the brand that is People’s Energy, had custom animations throughout, lots of interactivity and covered all of the relevant processes and policies unique to People’s Energy, rather than just generic GDPR guidelines. Increasing staff confidence in their rights and responsibilities regarding GDPR and what to do if a data breach took place.


years of experience designing innovative learning


awards won within the last 3 years


client-focused – I work with you to produce the best solution