Unleash the best of you!

Go To Yellow – Unleash the Best of You! is a truly blended self-paced online course. Working closely with the client, this engaging and interactive course was designed and created from early ideas, all the way through to the finished product.

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Initially when this project began, we set out with the task of taking a basic introductory webinar, and turning it into something much more engaging for Tammy’s potential clients. At the time the business was witnessing a high drop off rate and Tammy wanted to bring her content to life so that it would really resonate with and speak to her clients.

By the end of this project not only did we achieve this, but on the development journey together, the business owner Tammy and our team ended up creating something much more in-depth, exciting and relevant for the growing Go To Yellow brand.


Using a range of software, custom animation and media throughout, we have built never seen before interactions, created a journey of self discovery which will be unique to each and every user, and overall built a well blended and effective learning experience that truly represents our client and her unique brand throughout. This has allowed Tammy’s clients to get a taste of her services before making a big or long-term commitment.


years of experience designing innovative learning


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