Kitchen Products Training

We created a series of short courses for Wickes surrounding their latest kitchen products.

We created three interactive courses to take their members of staff through the product ranges in-depth, and test them on the key elements of each.

The were courses built in Articulate Storyline, and enable the learners to go through at their own pace, revisit information if needed and then test their knowledge before proceeding.



We were concerned from an early point about the shelf-life of the learning solution. To keep the products information more accurate and to help the training stand the test of time, we created custom illustrations of each of the products, keeping them relevant yet generic, rather than using photographic images which could date quickly.


To help really build confidence in the learners, we presented real case studies and client requests, to get them practicing how they would go about figuring out the best-suited products for each client and their specific needs. The client was very happy with the end result.


years of experience designing innovative learning


awards won within the last 3 years


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