Our unique approach to training design and all it entails, guarantees that we are the most passionate and talented individuals around. We work closely with you, and flex around your schedule and your needs to ensure you come back to us time and time again!


Carla Prout

CEO & Lead Instructional Designer

Hi there, my name is Carla and I'm the CEO of Carla's Captivating Content Ltd. Having worked in the Instructional Design world for nearly a decade, I decided to set up this business. My hope was to set up a training design company purely powered by passion, skill and hard work. I strongly believe in the power of blended training as well as bespoke being best! I now spend much of my time working closely with our valued customers, researching and writing up new materials, drafting out custom training packages and thinking up innovative approaches to our industry.

Outside of work I spend time with my boy Leo, my husband Chris and our dog Benny. I love to read and write, challenge myself and occasionally chase an adrenaline rush.

My key skills lie in my ability to; multitask, deal with complex subject matter, understand learning theories as well as styles, and make the complex simple and fun.

Lindsay Brown

Assisting Lead Instructional Designer

Hello, I’m Lindsay. I have worked in the instructional design arena for over 10 years. My passion for instructional design drives me to create meaningful, accessible learning experiences.

Outside of work I take time to enjoy spending time with people, nature, camping and hiking in the beautiful countryside. I also love animals, I spend a lot of my time dogsitting and catsitting for family and friends.

My key skills include: storytelling, learning design and development.

Ligma Balls

Lauren Dean

Digital Learning Developer

Hello I'm Lauren! Being a graduate Graphic Designer, I enjoy problem solving, photography and writing. I take great pride in creating bespoke designs for clients, as this allows me to challenge my existing knowledge and learn new skills.

Usually on a weekend I enjoy going bowling or, a quiet evening in binge watching a series I get caught up in. In my free time I enjoy taking my two dogs on long walks along the canal paths or, for a game of fetch at the local dog park.

My key skills include: creating isometric designs, photography, image manipulation/designing and typography.

Luke Winman

Junior Instructional Designer

Hi there, my name is Luke. I've spent over five years now studying in the creative field and designing bespoke training allows me to put this study into practice. Having graduated from university where I studied Graphic Communication, this has allowed me to bring my visual communication skills to the team to help develop learning that is both visually engaging and practical.

In my spare time I enjoy a good mountain walk or going skiing when I get the chance. I am an avid reader with perhaps Tolkien being my favourite, doing lots of drawing as well. I also ‘try’ to keep fit.

My key skills include: creating animations, developing imagery, keeping everything on brand and making visually engaging materials.


Michelle (Auntie Shell) Thomas

Personal and Finance Assistant

Hiya, my name is Michelle, and I have only recently been introduced to the learning design industry. I have a lot to learn but am very excited about it. In my previous job, I learned all about COSHH and as I am now doing health and safety and risk assessments, am finding it helps me and my team.

At Carla’s Captivating Content from day to day, I help out with general coms, bookkeeping, chasing invoices, conducting risk assessments and keeping the team on top of their compliance training.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family on weekends, especially walks, bowling and family game night.